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Deccan Odyssey Train Services & Facilities

This Latest Addition To Luxury Train Journeys Of The World,In Short Period Of 6 Months Of Operation Has Not Only Carried Nearly 325 Tourists From Across The Globe,But Has Already Started Being Compared To The Famous Blue Train In South Africa. The Deccan Odyssey Maharaja Train Offers 4 Luxury Suite Cabins,24 Twin Bedded Dlx Cabins,5 Double Bedded Cabins,14 Triple Bedded Cabins,1 Cabin For Physically Challenged. Deccan OdysseyThere Are Two-power Generator Cars On Either End Of The Train & Three Staff Cars For Onboard Staff.The Train Is Pulled By A Modern Diesel Engine.

Each Passenger Saloon Offers Four Cabins & Common Lounge Area Having Dvd Player.Each Passenger Cabins Has Private Attached Bathroom With Shower & Toiletries,4 Channel Music Facility,Individual Cabin Temperature Control Panel,Direct Dialing Facility,Electronic Safe & Small Cupboard.The Beds Are Luxuriously Furnished & Each Twin Bed Size Is 6' X 3'. The Suite Cabins Offer Master Bedroom With Living Area , 2 Bathrooms & Private Dvd Player. There Is A Personal Attendant/Butler Available In Each Sleeper Saloon,Round The Clock.

The Public Areas Include-one Bar Lounge Car(25 Seater),Two Dining Cars (35 Seater Each)With Onboard Kitchen ,Mini-gym With Spa Saloon ;& Conference Saloon Car (40 Seater In Class-room Style) With Mini-business Centre.

* Onboard There are 11 Passenger Coaches,2 Dining Cars & One Bar Cum Lounge car,One Conference cum business centre saloon Car;One Saloon for Fitness centre cum spa.

* Nine Saloon Cars offer 4 Passenger cabins each with attached showers,common lounge area & pantry attendant.There are combination of twin-beds,double-beds,triple bedded cabins.

* In adition there are Two suite saloon cars ,each offering Two inter-connected Master bedroom & living room Cabin.




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