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Fairy Queen Train History

The Fairy Queen, the oldest working Steam Locomotive in the world, is a 2-2-2WT BG loco built in 1855 by Kitson, Thompson, & Hewitson for the British firm, the East India Railway. It used to travel on the Howrah-Raniganj line (121 miles) and later in Bihar till 1908. For the first time in the year 1895, it was christened as the fairy queen.
Fairy Queen Train
Chronology of the Fairy Queen

1855 - the steam locomotive was built and started its operation on Howrah-Raniganj line.

1895 - Chiristened as 'Fairy Queen'.

1908 - Halted its operations

1971 - First exhibition in National Rail Museum

1996 - Completely over hauled by ICF (Integral Coach Factory), Perumbur

1997 - Rejuvenated to work on main lines with a chair car and service car with a powerful generator and compressor

July 18, 1997 - made its first commercial Trip from Delhi to Alwar

January13, 1998 - Certified as the world's oldest working locomotive by the Guinness Book of World Records

January25, 1999 - Received National Tourism Award for the most innovative and unique tourism project.




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